Sunday, September 03, 2006

What a week

The kids had Monday off; I took them to blizzard beach, Tuesday back at school, Wednesday off because of Ernesto then back to school on Thursday and Friday. They have tomorrow off to because of Labor Day. I told one of the teacher’s at school that maybe they should reconsider the start date of the school year. Maybe they should start school, oh after Labor Day. Actually I don’t mind them starting school earlier because they get out earlier.

Tyde had his bike stolen from school so now he is with out transportation. My idea was to fix up the other bike we have to let him use. Rudy told me it needs a new derailleur along with some other stuff. Trying to get to the store that sells that kind of stuff hasn’t really worked out yet, they seem to be closed when I have time to go. It might be awhile before he gets his transportation going again.

I stayed up yesterday to watch the Alabama vs Hawaii game. It was an exciting game that kept me up till the end. I hope they are able to improve as the year goes on though. While watching the game I worked on the sleeves for my peace fleece sweater. Here is a progress picture. I'm not sure if I'm going to have enough yarn to finish.

I’ve also started on a pair of socks. I can’t remember what the yarn is called I’ll look that up. It seems like it was peacock or something like that. I got it from a knitting store in Huntsville called Yarn Expressions. She has beautiful stuff but it is kind of pricey.

I'm using one of the patterns from Vogue Knitting Magazine. I'm not sure if this yarn will work well with this pattern. I might should have tried to use a yarn that is a solid color so the pattern will show up better. Right now I'll just keep working at it to see how it looks and then decide from there.
This is a picture of the socks from the magazine.

Dax has no game this weekend because of the holiday. We haven't heard from the kitchen cabinet guy yet (sigh). In the meantime Rudy has been finishing up on the painting, trim and caulking. We also picked up a light for the dinning room so that will probably be up soon.

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