Friday, September 22, 2006


I couldn’t let the first day of Autumn go by with out saying something so Happy Autumn!

Fall is in the air and it isn’t just the season. Look at what the squirrels are doing to my avocados. They have found the tree. I would like to leave the avocadoes on the tree and pick them as we need them. They do not ripen on the tree but once you pick them they will ripen in about a week. The little stinkers are stealing all my avocados. Well, we will just see about that. I’m going to sic Rudy on them if they don’t cut it out.

Check this out. This is my very first plied yarn to be knitted. I’m hoping to make some socks out of this.

Want to see more, here is another picture of it. Isn’t it pretty? At first I thought it had to much of a candy cane look when I plied it but once it is knitted up, it doesn’t look to bad.

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Cheryl said...

Your green yarn turned out very good! I think it would make a nice pair of socks too.