Thursday, September 21, 2006

Catch up

Here’s how last weekend turned out. Dax’s team is still undefeated but not because they won their game. The game was canceled. They will be playing the game this Sunday. So she will have a game on Saturday and Sunday.

As for the sweater, I ran out of yarn with about two inches left for the arm and didn’t touch the neck band yet. I’m putting this project to the side until I have the time and money to get more yarn.

Bama did win there game but it wasn’t as exciting as the first two games. I went to bed before the end.

As for the cabinets look….

We got one large one and Rudy has already put it in its place. I think we are supposed to put the top ones in first but I guess we will take them as we get them.

Rudy also put the flooring down in the living room. It’s this stuff we picked up from Home Depot called African chestnut.

Since I had to put the sweater to one side for now I decided to work on a sweater for Dax. Yep I got the sweater from Knit Picks. Here is a direct link to the sweater. It is found under the projects page for the yarn called wool of the andes.

I’m having a little problem with the pattern. I haven’t done cables very much but this didn’t look right. Isn’t the pattern on the inside suppose to be the reverse of the outside. In other words if the pattern calls for me to k2, p2, k2 etc then on the next row isn’t it suppose to be opposite, p2, k2, p2 etc, not purl across?

This thing is driving me crazy. I played around with some swatces and I think I got it now but it did take me a couple of days of swatching to feel this way. I’m hoping to cast on today but I don’t trust this pattern at all.

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