Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Conclusions and meme

I’ve came to the conclusion I’m not going to get as much done over spring break as I was hoping. But it’s not over yet so we will see.

Rudy’s Mom gave me a wonderful gift. It is a quilt that she made. I absolutely love it.

We also have gotten all the grass down. Rudy is still working on the sprinkler system. While we are waiting for the system to get done we have been watering the lawn with a sprinkler. I took this quick picture of Rohan playing with it. Not an awesome picture but I thought the picture made him look like a water breathing dog.

I did get tagged by Jennifer at Loopy Knitter. She is a very talented knitter and a good photographer, even though she may not think so. If you get a chance visit her website.

Here is my seven things meme. I decided not to tag anybody but if you would like to participate please do.

Seven Things To Do Before I Die
1. See my children grow up to be healthy and happy.
2. Travel.
3. Learn to play a musical instrument.
4. Learn a foreign language.
5. Become organize.
6. Have a waistline. These last two are beginning to sound like New Year's resolutions.
7. See a cure for cancer.

Seven Things I Cannot Do
1. Pronounce freckle correctly.
2. Be in high places without feeling queasy.
3. Sing, ok I can sing but not good.
4. Watch replay in sports when somebody gets hurt. I can not watch somebody’s leg get bent in a direction it’s not supposed to in slow motion.
5. Eat something greasy and sugary within a few hours of each other. I get sick.
6. Spell good, I’m a terrible speller.
7. Stop hoping.

Seven Things That Attract Me to… (Florida)
1. Weather
2. Ocean/beach
3. Being outdoor
4. Variety of people
5. Cost of living is lower then most places
6. It’s home
7. We are close to Disney World, LOL.

Seven Things I Say
1. Ok
2. Be careful
3. I’m tired
4. Cool
5. Did you do your homework yet?
6. You need to get off the computer.
7. Did you practice yet?

Seven Good Books
1. Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett and Hat Full of Sky
2. Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien(all of them)
3. Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech
4. Harry Potter (all of them)by J.K. Rowlings
5. May Bird and the Ever After by Jodi Lynn Anderson
6. Nancy Bush knitting books
7. Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins
Almost all these books are considered children's books

Seven Good Movies
1. Lord of the Rings
2. Pirates of the Carribean
3. Mary Poppins
4. Gone with the Wind
5. Star Wars
6. Finians Rainbow
7. The Quiet Man

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Blues

I’ve been good at starting projects lately but not finishing them. Let’s see we have:

Rudy’s socks,

The blue stuff,

Shirt I started,

Jumper I started,

I think I am in a blue phase right now because I noticed everything is blue. Spring break starts for us today. Well after school today. I’m hoping to get these projects finished during spring break and am looking so forward to relaxing and not having to rush around to get everybody where they need to be, no soccer, no violin, no school, yeah.

We've had some visitors lately. My Dad was in town this week. Rudy and him have been working on the landscaping. I'll post some pictures next time. Rudy's parents will be in town this week, for spring vacation.

I have fallen way behind on e-mail and blog reading, another thing to try and get caught up on during spring break ;).

Monday, March 12, 2007

House stuff

Rudy has been busy this week. He finished putting up the mantel for the fireplace. I don’t think the picture captures the height. It is a bit tall. But we will not mention to him that we are not giants.

He put in the railing to the steps. This also was a bit tall but he decided to draw the line here and took it down, shortened it and put it back. We still have to do some finishing on it, stain it and put in the plugs for the holes etc.

We also approved the granite for the kitchen counter tops. Not a very exciting picture but it does catch the blue specks that are in it.

Dax’s soccer also started. They won both the first game and the game they just had this weekend. This field is a bit inland. They have had a fire since we were last there, notice the trees in the back ground.

I think that is enough "alsos" for the day. Next post back to crafting, hopefully.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


March is finally here. This usually means I have to add an extra 10-15 minutes to my drive time to get to places on time. It’s very noticeable that we have a lot of people here from out of state during this month. The snow birds are still here in full force and then the spring vacationers come in. I know that most are not in a hurry to get to where they are going but there are still some of us that have schedules to keep. The other thing about March is that a good number of the spring breakers that start showing up make me feel rather old. They wear as little clothes as possible and consume unbelievable amounts of beer. There was a time in my life when I could identify with these youthful people but I wouldn’t dare put this old body in a bikini or drink around the clock. I do get a kick out of seeing what they buy at the grocery store. It’s usually something like a buggy full of beer and some ramen noodles.

On to updates, I have new socks on the needles. These are rather boring socks but they do fall into a first for me. These are the first knitted items I have ever tried to make for Rudy (dh). Being the first items he will judge any future items from, I decided to use one of my favorite sock yarns, opal and to keep it simple.

I’ve also started spinning up the blue stuff. I was hoping to have enough of it to make a vest from interweave knits magazine. But the more I get spun up the more I think there will not be enough yarn for this project.

Thank you for all the nice comments on the socks and the good wishes for the new job.

I can’t forget the update on the house. The floor in the hallway is done.

I think Rudy did a good job. The mosaic turned out nice, even though we had to pull it up once after bonding it to the floor because we forgot to take the plastic seal off the back. These things really should come with directions. Not that that would help Rudy, he seldom reads directions but I usually devour them.
He is now working on the tile that goes around the fire place and we made an order for some granite counter tops for the kitchen. Boy did that drain the old pocket book. The company we got the granite from said the slabs are in and we have to go by and examine them to sign off for them. I’ll try and get a good picture of them when we go.