Friday, September 29, 2006

Going backwards

Yep, we are heading into that time of year where I can never seem to get ahead. Actually I start feeling like I’m a couple of steps behind. My goal is to not let all that busy stuff get in the way of doing what I love to do, my crafts. Hmm, lately even that seems to be going backwards.

Dax asked me to make her some skorts like the one she already has. I couldn’t find a pattern that was similar so I used her current skirt and came up with this.
The top one is the original and the bottom is the one I’m working on.
I had put the lower part of the skirt on and had her try it on. It was not bad but a bit short. I kept my mouth shut and waited, and waited, and waited as she looked at herself in the mirror and then she said, it needs to be a little longer, whew. No argument there. I could either take the bottom off or add another tier. We decided, she decided she didn’t want another tier. So, I’m in the process of taking the bottom part off and re-cutting a longer one to put on (one step back).

I did frog the sweater (a big step back). I re-casted on and knitted in k3, p1. It lays much flatter now and I’m happier with it. Jennifer, thank you for your comments your right about the difference in knitting in the round and knitting flat. The pattern does call for you to knit flat, not in the round. The exact wording says rows 1-3 work in stockinette stitch, row 4 knit. Since I put it in the round I knitted the first 3 rows and purled row 4. Does that sound confusing? I really appreciated your comments, very helpful.

Speaking of comments, I was so surprised to see I have comments. I didn’t think anybody ever read this blog but my family-sister, parents etc. I was very excited to see that somebody else actually looks at the blog, a big thank you for leaving comments.

I have two more pictures to show. Here is a progress on the socks from the pattern in the Vogue knitting magazine. I lost that magazine somewhere and had to buy another one, (another step back).

Crocks are good for more then just walking. Dax and I went for a walk on the beach and noticed a lot of shells have been pushed ashore. We started collecting more then what we had hands for so I put them in my shoes. These are the shoes my sister’s family gave me for my birthday. As you can see they have gotten a lot of use.

Last but not least, Rudy got tickets for the Alabama vs. Florida game. Unfortunately he only was able to get two. I told him to take Tyde. It seemed like the logical solution. Dax has a soccer game on Saturday. Of course if he could have gotten four we would skip the soccer but it didn’t happen.


Abigale said...

Hey, there might be steps backwards - but you've got some forward progress going on here.

I love your spinning - beautiful yarn! What kind of wheel do you have?

I'm wondering if the pattern doesn't mean for you to do the bottom as a hem? Usually that's what the stockinette with a purl row usually specified - but you are in charge of your knitting, and switching to a 3x1 rib is certainly an acceptable alternative! I can't follow a pattern to save my life - so things just end up getting made up as I go along, and somehow, at the end of the day it ends up working out OK.

It is a bummer though when you feel like your knitting mojo is going through a slump, it does come back, and you'll get there eventually. A lot like life really.

Have fun!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for your comment on my sweater too. I'm so glad I could be of some help. I know how excited I get when I try a new pattern and somethings not kosher in the beginning. It can really take the fun out of it. But, when I figure it out, it gives me the boost I need. Your sweater is turning out to be fantastic!!!