Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nice weekend so far

The weather was beautiful but Dax’s game was hot. I was sitting on the side line just dripping in sweat. I can just imagine how the girls felt trying to run around chasing a ball. They did good though, another win. I can’t say what the score was. I start to lose count after a while.

After the game we turned around and I got one picture of the shuttle going up.

Later we watched Bama get a win over Vanderbilt, once again a close game worth watching till the end.

I just love football season look how much I’ve got done on the sweater. I’m convinced that I don’t have enough yarn to finish it. What you see is what I have left of the yarn. I have to finish the sleeve and the collar.

Rudy put the dinning room light up. He’s also finish tiling the closet upstairs.

Tyde is waiting on waves to come in from Florence. There not here yet.

Somebody posted this link on one of my mailing lists. It has A LOT of knitting patterns on it and I thought worth book marking. I think it's called Garnstudio and Drops designs.

I did six miles today and I am painfully slow. It took me 1hour 34minutes. At this rate it will take me 3 hours and around 15 minutes to do the half marathon. I really need to pick up my pace to do this. There is just over 3 months before the half so there is still hope for me.

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