Thursday, September 07, 2006

The good the bad

The bad, the guy doing our cabinets said it will probably take him another month. The good, he is finished with some of the pieces and wants us to pick them up this weekend.

The good, Tyde had his open house yesterday. I got to meet his teachers. The bad, I got a call today he has detention tomorrow for tardiness.

The bad, Tyde’s schedule is going to change. One of his teachers told me he has over 40 students in his class. The good, I went by to talk to them today about the changes. I didn’t know how much his schedule was going to change. I was told that they are just switching two of his classes. He will have the same teachers and the same subjects. I also was able to contact their librarian and will be coming in to do some volunteer work in the library.

Well I don’t feel right ending a post without at least one picture so here it is. Rudy was cooking out on the grill and had a bug zapper light on. He saw this little guy sitting on the light eating the bugs.

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