Tuesday, June 05, 2007

We're Back

We’re back.
Back from the Disney camp out trip. First off I have to apologize mostly to my body.

I apologize for bringing the wrong blow up mattress. I brought the one with the hole in it. The result was having to sleep on the ground for the duration of the camping trip. My hips feel like they are bruised.

I apologize for not wearing the right undergarments for riding rides that get you wet. Umm, I managed to get a slight rash in a bad spot. My wet underwear rubbed a rash on my upper inner thigh area. I either need to wear the proper undergarment that will not cause a rash when wet and having to walk around a theme park or wait till the end of the day to ride anything that will cause a good soaking.

I apologize for not getting enough sleep. Dax insisted on doing the extra magic hours after the park closed. There were some nights that we didn’t leave the parks till 1am.

This leads to the next apology, which is to my feet. There was an awful lot of standing and walking.

I apologize to my budget and my somewhat attempt for a healthy diet, for forgetting a good amount of my camping food. Disney does not hold back on over charging for food and it seems that the unhealthy stuff is cheaper then the healthier choices.

Regardless of my complaining we had such a good time.

Notice that Dax is wearing her tank. She finished it that morning and wanted to wear it to the Epcot flower festival.

Tyde took this picture of Dax and I in the fairy garden.

Some silly faces.

Here's some proof that Tyde was actually with us.

I saw this in the villians shop at MGM. I always kind of wondered what Sleeping beauty pricked her finger on to cut it on a spinning wheel. Mine has no sharp points on it. This one makes it look like a very sharp bobbin.

I have to mention that it rained on Friday when we went to Magic Kingdom. It started as a drizzle in the afternoon and just turned in to a constant down pour. Luckily I didn’t wear the rash causing undergarment. I kept thinking it was amazingly not so crowded for the MK on a Friday. It was almost hard to leave at midnight because there were no lines. This is saying a lot because I’m not a night person. But we were all tired and a bit soggy so we headed back. The worst part was the bike ride back to the campsite. I kept having to dodge little frogs on the bike path. They seemed to be really enjoying the good soaking. But, I couldn’t hardly see, not only because it was dark but it was also raining. I’m sure I probably ran over some of them. We got back to the sight exhausted, put on dry clothes and tried to sleep on the hard ground. Wow, did it rain and rain and rain. I needed to pack up the tent the next day and was starting to try to come up with a plan on how to do this in the rain.

Later when I got home and after I took a nap on a nice mattress I asked Rudy if it rained here on Friday. He kind of looked at me funny and said, yeah it rained and there were a few power outages, the kids basket ball goal got blown across the yard etc. I’m looking a bit confused at this time and then he mentions tropical storm Barry. Oh, that’s why it wasn’t so crowded at the theme park that day, LOL. You got to love vacations where you loose touch with what is going on around you. We had no tv, no radio, no newspapers, nothing that told me there was bad weather on the way. I’m hoping that Disney informs campers of bigger storms like hurricanes. Needless to say our tent did just fine.


Monika said...

Your daughter seemed to have enjoyed your trip. I always wondered about the sleeping beauty thing as well. I hate camping, that's no fun whatsoever. Well my daughter disagrees, but my son's on my side with this one.
The fair bush is too cute!
Sam's doing a little better.

JessaLu said...

It looks like lots of fun!! :o)

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous tank top Dax! Your trip sounds like it was loads of fun despite the soakings. Glad you're okay after the tropical storm though! Wow.