Friday, June 08, 2007

Purple stuff

I am so enjoying the beginning of summer, maybe to much. I’ve been having a hard time establishing a routine. Not that you have to have routines but I feel I get so much more done when I have some kind of routine or plan. So, I’m working on getting back on some kind of schedule. I did update the blog to the newer version. I saw that on Bells Knits that she is using haloscan for her comments and decided to give it a try. In the transition I did loose some of the links to the blogs I like to visit so I’ll try and put them all back in soon.

We are waiting to see if the shuttle launches today. It was raining this morning but seems to be clearing up. Now it’s just plain hot and humid outside. You know how it rains a good soaking then the sun comes out and the water that just came down is now steaming around you. I was sitting outside plying some purple stuff. Sweat was just running down my face so I decided to take a break and get some ice cold tea. And well here I am sitting in front of the computer.

As for the purple stuff here is what it looked like before spinning.

I managed to get two bobbins full.

The purple stuff has some history behind it. When I went to the MSWF for the first time I bought some of the purple stuff, so did my sister. I’m not even sure if we had a spindle back then but we bought some anyway. It was the first roving I ever bought. .I managed to get home with out my purple stuff. I think it must have stayed at the festival and never made it back to the car. Anyway, my sister decided to send me her purple stuff in the mail. I kept it for a while and then sent it back. I did get a spindle and started to get somewhat good at spinning with it so she sent the purple stuff back to me. The purple stuff was precious to me so I kept it stored in the closet. She managed to get some wheels in her basement because the guild she belongs to asked her to keep them for them so I sent the purple stuff back to her. At the next sheep and wool festival I got a wheel. So you know what happened she sent the purple stuff back to me. This has been going on for over two years now. So, I decided to spin it up. When I finish plying it, I will send it back to my sister. It might end up with a home some day, LOL.

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