Friday, May 25, 2007

Goodbye and haircuts

Dax had to say goodbye to something she didn’t even realize meant so much to her. She has left the little school by the sea that she has attended since Kindergarten. I could tell it was an emotional day for her. At the end of the day she told me she was tired. I replied with, you should try and get to bed earlier today. She then said, it’s not that. I just never have felt so sad and happy at the same time and it has made me feel tired. I thought yeah, I know how you feel. Just wait till you become a mom and realize your baby is growing up way to fast . The school put on a nice little ceremony for the kids. Unfortunately, I totally forgot my camera, and now have no pictures of the event. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of Dax’s friend’s parents will take pity on me and share their photos of the day with me. This may take awhile since all of Miss D’s closes friends have left town. One is on a flight as I write this to India for the summer the other left yesterday to Ireland. Poor thing she is just stuck her with us. I did make plans for the traditional camping trip to Ft. Wilderness at Disney. As per tradition, Rudy of course will not be attending this event with us because he doesn’t really care much for the Disney World thing. He is planning on getting some inspections on the house while we are gone. Anyway, I am looking forward to the trip. I’m hoping to catch the last few days of the flower festival at Epcot and also the star wars weekend at MGM while there.

I wanted to show a progress photo of Miss D’s tank she is knitting but she has ripped it out. She completed the back and started on the front. After knitting about 4 inches on the front she noticed her gauge totally changed. It was much tighter. I kept asking her if she is sure she’s using the same size needles and she said yes. She kept working on it but finally decided she didn’t like it so started the front over on bigger needles. I think she was feeling stress and that is why she was knitting so much tighter. Let’s hope she keeps her stressed knitting style since she went to bigger needles.

I do have some pictures of Tyde and his hair cut. Here he is after the hair cut. I know his hair is still a bit long. Can you see the curls? This picture does not show them off very well. It was windy when I took it and I kept moving his hair out of his face. He usually has it going right across his eyes. He has never had any signs of curls in his hair before. I’m a bit awed by the curls. I wonder how long they will stay around.

Oh here he is before the haircut. Yeah, it was long. This picture is from one of Bob’s while they were visiting.

As for me I have some socks on the needles. The pattern is called Latvian Socks from Nancy Bush’s Folk sock book. I have a feeling these will be on the needles for awhile because I keep getting side tracked by other projects.

I hope everybody has a great weekend.


Jennifer said...

Oh, Tyde looks very handsome with his new haircut! Do you remember Leif Garrett of the '70s? Here's a photo I found:
I love the curls. Anyway, maybe you shouldn't mention the 1970s part to Tyde. Hee, hee.

Monika said...

Poor Dax, growing up is not easy. Your Tyde is one handsome boy. Nice haircut! Your new socks are looking good! Why is it, that so many projects look better, than in the book? Must be the boring yarn she used. Oh, BTW I've knit my first project with my first handspun! I was looking at the yarn totally different. It's a wonderful feeling, really! I could feel AND see all the imperfections, but that doesn't matter at all!

DAWN said...

Sure sign that Dax is growing up (and she sounds like she is very compassionate). Tyde's hair looks great. Love that he still has some length on it (I love long hair). The sock look really nice, soft. Yay for a 3 day weekend.

RheLynn said...

Nice haircut - they do tend to curl sometimes. My husband has hair down to his waist, beautiful but very hard to take care of. He unbraids it, washes it and rebraids it every few days to keep it in good condition and out of his way.

Dax sounds like she is really learning a lot about growing up and strong emotions. She really expressed herself nicely there.

JessaLu said...

The new haircut looks great - v handsome :o)