Monday, April 02, 2007


First sorry for the lousy pictures but I'm tired (remember that's one of my frequently used words).

I think our spring break visitors did not know what was in for them, yard work and lots of it. We managed to get the grass down and put in a few shrubs and trees. I got a new key lime tree to replace the one that I miss so much, and a new orange tree.

I have no before pictures but here is a during picture. There was a lot of clearing out that had to be done, including moving the RV, the fence, trash and a lot of dirt. Dad had came down to help with this part. It took them about a week to get it to this stage. Rudy and Dad also got most the sprinkler system installed.

When Rudy's parents arrived we had 17 pallets of grass and two days to get it down before it would "start to go bad." This is what the back looked like when we were done.

Here is the front.

I really really like the new yard and one of my favorite spots to hang out now is here.

Here is another family member who is enjoying the back yard.

We still have more work to do. The fence needs to be fixed and adding some other colors would be nice, like flowers etc but for the most part it is done. I really appreciate all the help we got in getting the yard in the state that it is in right now. There is no way Rudy and I could have done this as quickly with just the two of us.

Next post a finished object.


Jennifer said...

Awesome! Oh, yeah, that's what green grass looks like! Beautiful! So much work....well done.

Monika said...

Looking good! Wonderful new and tidy and all that green! With our female dog there's never such a nice lawn.

Bob & Sue said...

We're glad we were able to help. The end result made the two days of labor all worthwhile. I would love to have had a picture of Sue and me when we drove up and saw the 17 pallets. Please continue to occasionally show pics on your blog of the plants as they grow into a hedge, etc.

Bells said...

oh good job. That's a lot of hard work. I would love grass that green but sadly the drought is preventing it here. Even if we rolled out new stuff it would just die.

You've made it look so nice!