Friday, April 06, 2007

Blue stuff

Here’s the blue stuff all spun up. I’m actually going to refer to this as the blue stuff from hell. This stuff was hard for me to spin. It had a lot of grass/hay; at least I think that was what it was, in it. I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough of it for the vest and that I wouldn’t be able to spin it to get correct gauge for the vest. I usually spin thin and I do not have a lot of experience in spinning. So, I don’t have much knowledge to know how much yarn I can get from the wool I have and how to get the gauge I need for a project.

It took me twice as long to spin it because of the time that I had to spend picking stuff out of it. I couldn’t remember how much there was of the blue stuff and was hoping that I would have enough to make the Provincial Waistcoat from IK winter 2006 magazine. Um, I was way off, I have 326 yards of the blue stuff. That’s all :(. I will need 750 yards to do the vest. I’m not even half way there. However I did get the right gauge with the blue stuff for the vest, as if that matters now. I learned a few lessons, look at the roving to cheek for stuff in it and also mark how much there is in the bag or get a good scale to measure it. Maybe I can make a hat out of it. Actually it will probably go in the closet. I’m not in a hat mood right now.

But I’ve got another project that I’m itching to start. Did I mention I’m going to the Maryland sheep and wool festival! I am so looking forward to this trip. Dax will be coming with me and I will meet up with my sister and my niece. This will be the third year I’ve been able to go, Dax’s second year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed the weather will be nice. We will be camping out. I’ll have to post about the next project later. Both Tyde and Dax are waiting on me to boil some eggs for dying.


Jennifer said...

Wow! I think you did a great job spinning the blue yarn! It's too bad that you didn't have enough for the project in the end. I love that vest too.

I'm jealous about the festival you're going to. It sounds like so much fun. I had no idea that such festivals even existed until I started reading blogs!

Monika said...

I think your yarn looks very - professional - spun. Is it plyed too? You see, not much knowledge here yet. The color is nice too!

Bells said...

oh post photos of the eggs when they're done! Or progress shots!

That blue is so pretty. what shame it was hellish to work with. I think it's gorgeous. Maybe put it away and see what happens down the track when inspiration hits.

Enjoy the festival!

cj said...

Now that is some blue yarn. Nice to see things are going well for you.

RheLynn said...

You did a nice job with the spinning - even if it won't work for the planned project. It can be very hard to see vegetable matter in the raw wool :( Not much experience spinning here either - but I was once researching hard to buy a few sheep and about how to clean and prepare their wool for sale.