Saturday, April 12, 2008

On the Bobbin and Inventory

We’re down to the last few days of Spring Break for T and D. It was a different Spring Break for me because it was the first one that I had to work since they have been born. To add to that feeling weird, Rudy took the week off, so I was the only one leaving home for work.

I must say it was a very relaxing week for me though. Since there were no students or teachers on the school grounds, it was a work at your own pace kind of week. I decided to do inventory on the books. The librarian that I work with told me it hasn’t been done in years. I almost finished the inventory but there were some computer guys that came in from the county that wanted to take the system down to do some upgrades. This meant that I couldn’t access the software for the inventory. I’m hoping to go back by the school over the weekend to finish the last few books.

Doing the inventory was a bit bittersweet. It was great to find books that were labeled lost or missing but the overall number of books that has walked out the door without being checked out is a bit overwhelming. Right now the number is over 500 books. Maybe I should look at it a different way. If it’s been 3 years since the last inventory that would be around 167 books a year, which doesn’t sound as bad. I also noticed the craft books need some serious updating. I saw only one book on knitting and only one on crochet. One was printed in the 50’s and the other in the 60’s, ouch. What kind of knitting media assistant am I to let that happen? To make up for it I’ve been thinking about pitching an idea to the principal about starting an after school knitting club next year. I will also start looking around for some children friendly knitting books to put in the library. I know the klutz books are good. Dax has one and has used it a lot. If anybody has some more suggestions then let me know.

Well on to some fiber stuff. Pictured in this post is some BFL roving that I got with my wheel. There is a pound of this stuff and it is spinning up nicely.

I had decided to take stock on my yarn and fiber supplies. I want to get an idea of what to look for when I go to Maryland. I was amazed to notice that I think I have more roving then yarn. So I need to get spinning before I even consider adding more roving.

As for my list, most of the roving I have is un-dyed so I’m going to add dyed roving to my list of things to look for, along with some dyes so I have some color to play with the roving I already have. I would also really like to see if I can find some of that pencil roving and of course I will look at the fleece. Well I can see that my list is starting to get long. This is just the list of things to look for in the spinning department, oh yeah add bobbins to the list. I need more of those to.

I hope everybody has a great week.

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