Thursday, April 03, 2008


Since I am probably the slowest knitter in the world it is no surprise that Bayerische is not only still on the needles but is not even half way done. On the up side I am oh so close to being half way.

I only had two skeins of yarn for this project. I was debating about doing one more repeat but decided that I would try and get a pair of socks out of what I had. The pattern warns that these socks eat up yarn. This is how far I got with one ball.
Hmm, obviously that little amount of string was not going to finish this sock.

I started looking on the internet and made an order from The Loopy Ewe.

Wow, did it get here fast. I was very impressed. Then when I opened it, I started to feel like it was my birthday. The yarn was wrapped up, a little hand written note was in the package and some small strips of sample yarn, very nice.

Maybe I can have the Bayerishes done by the end of April, maybe.

In other news I’m going to Maryland for the sheep and wool festival! Wahooo! Can you tell I’m excited? Plane tickets have been purchased, camp site has been reserved and finally I asked for time off work. Now I'm going to go find my calendar so I can mark off how many more days till the festival.

I hope everybody is having a great day.

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