Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sock Obsession

My very first thing I ever knitted from start to finish was a pair of socks. I had done little swatches and even started a sweater once for my daughter but she out grew it before I ever got close to finishing it. As a mater of fact I just ripped that sweater about a month ago because I want to use the yarn for a different project.

Oh yeah, back to the socks. One day I was visiting my sister in the Washington D.C. area and she told me about these socks that knit up into its own pattern. We managed to get to a yarn shop in the area and what you know they had a few of these socks. I obviously bought one along with a basic sock pattern and went back to my sisters place and started knitting. She gave me some of her wonderful little bamboo needles to use. I kept casting on knitting a few rows and ripping it out because I wasn’t getting the pattern for the socks that I saw advertised. I kept thinking I must have the wrong gauge or something. My sister looked on the internet and found a yahoo e-mail group for the particular yarn. It was called Opal. When I got home I immediately joined the list. One of the many things I learned was not to worry about the pattern, just go with it. I was mostly a lurker on the list but learned a lot from it and enjoyed being a part of the list.

I got an e-mail this morning from Soxie the list administrator. She is retiring. I will not lie I am sad to see the list stop but I am glad that Soxie is getting to start a new part of her life. Congratulations on retirement!! Oh yeah, you should see the sock obbsession this has started.

Here is a picture of the fist socks, the first anything I ever knitted.

Well I better get off the computer and get some errands done. The Shuttle is suppose to launch today and it can cause major traffic, wether they scrub the launch or not so I'm off to the store, post office, etc.

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