Saturday, September 01, 2007


August started off with good plans. My sister and her family along with my mom were going to come up to watch the space shuttle launch. Mom was going to stay another week after they left with us and then fly back home. But, we got a call from Dad who said Grandma was not doing good. My sister canceled her plans and I drove up to see Grandma. Dax came with me. We got there about three days before she died. All I can say about it now was that it was really hard.

Since Mom had already bought a plane ticket for a trip from Florida to Alabama we decided to try and stick to the plan so she came back with me. The day after I got back, my job started and then a week later school started for both Tyde and Dax. It’s just been a crazy busy and emotional month for me. Oh almost forgot, my 42 birthday hit me while at my Grandma’s funeral. I don’t want to spend another birthday at a funeral, ever.

Here’s a picture from my Dad’s garden.

I think the hands belong to my nephew Solomon. My Dad calls his garden a “little garden”. I wish I had enough room for a little garden like his. The watermelons were not ready to be picked while I was there. After the funeral my Dad decided to do some traveling. I think he is in Maine right now. So, if you are up that way and see a 60 something man that might look a little sad say”Hi” to him :). My sister asked him what he was going to do with the watermelons and he said he would plow them over when he got back. So she took them. She picked 15 watermelons from the garden and said they were the sweetest melons she has had in a long time. Of course she couldn’t eat all 15 watermelons so she gave some to neighbors.

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Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you