Saturday, December 30, 2006

My turn

Getting to the computer is getting hard with everybody being off for the holiday break and having one computer to share. But it’s my turn and here I am.

I always have to rethink what I’m going to post about because one of the first things I want to say is, there isn’t much going on. There is always something going on it’s just that I’m not sure how bored you want to be with oh what we are doing right now, which is cleaning up. We must have made 8 or more trips to the dump in the last two weeks. Maybe I should take pictures of us cleaning out the shed, us tearing down the shed, us filling up trash bags, uh no I don’t think so. However, I am determined to take the camera to the trash place. It is actually a really neat place to visit. They are very organized with recycling wood, metals etc.

Well let’s move on it’s getting close to the New Year and that time to get that feeling of a new beginning. I figure the two top resolutions on most peoples list are to get organized and to get healthier. If you noticed on the right I have a list of blogs I like to visit. There are actually a lot more that I like to visit then what’s here. I started to use a blog reader to keep up with them. I use google reader. I know there are others out there, like bloglines but I chose to use google. You basically put in the webpage/blog you like to visit and then when you come back to the google reader it will tell you which web pages have been updated. This way it allows me to see who has updated their blogs without having to visit each blog to see if they have updated, saves time. I figure most of you who read several blogs already use something like this but for those who don’t I recommend it.

Speaking of blogs have you seen this one? Lets Knit2gether it’s a video podcast about knitting. I get tickled every time I go to it. It’s just seems like the media/information world has came along way from oh say the first broadcast on the radio.

Another blog that might interest people that are trying to meet that second resolution of a healthier lifestyle is CalorieLab Calorie Counter News. It has a lot of information on health news and highlights blogs of people who are trying to lose weight.

Hmm, something is missing here, oh yeah the pictures. I really like pictures on blogs. What do they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here’s a picture taken later on Christmas day.

Here’s one I just took. My knitting gifts from family.


Monika said...

I wish I had those pattern books as well! Happy New Year and happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

I have lurked long enough, Hello. I always think what I have to say is of no interest to readers, Yet I do it anyway, hmm. I use to live on Merritt Island and we go to Cocoa Beach every year for vacation. Love it!! Anyway, have a great 2007!