Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pavers are here

I thought it was cold the other day but it got a little colder so I started the day with some hot chocolate.

Both the kids had school off today. Tyde spent it surfing in his new wet suit. Dax spent it sleeping in and going to the library.

As for me and Rudy we started the pavers. All the blocks arrived yesterday. It took two truck loads to deliver it.

Now we just have to lay them out. I can honestly say I will have no problem getting to sleep tonight. The combination of colder weather and physical activity should prevent any problems in that area, not that I ever really have any problems getting to sleep. This is how far we got yesterday.

I decided to start the sock from the yarn I spun. Here it is. It is a little more bulky than what I prefer but I will finish it anyway. It seems like I haven’t finished a project in a while so maybe the socks will make me feel like I’m making some progress.

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RheLynn said...

Very pretty pattern, and yarn too!