Friday, June 11, 2010


Is anybody here? Is that an echo I hear? Sorry I’ve not been much of a blogger lately but things are starting to slow down around here. I haven’t been knitting or crafting as much over the last 9 months but I’m hoping to change that soon.

For now I’ll post about a recipe we tried out. It’s a graham cracker recipe from smitten kitchen. We ended up using our new sheep cookie cutter we got at the Maryland sheep and wool festival. I told Dax we could make sheep smores with our sheep graham crackers.

We went a little too heavy with the cinnamon and sugar but you can just brush it off if it’s not to your taste.

I hope everybody is doing well and enjoying summer.
Take care!

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Anonymous said...

Well hello stranger! glad to know you are well and that you are still being crafty (in the kitchen, this time). Those look yummy. I love cinnamon so I don't think I would be brushing too much off.
Looking forward to more from you as the summer goes on.