Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sheep and Wool Festival Day 1

Well my one main thought when I went was no more fleece. I quickly broke that thought within the first hour of being at the festival. Dax and Sierra wanted to get some socks that rock yarn from the Fold and while they were waiting in line a lady walked up with a bag of alpaca. She was showing it off and letting me feel it etc…. Finally I asked her where she got it and I told Dax and Sierra I’d be back in a few minutes. My first purchase was 2 lbs of alpaca from Ameripaca. Ok it’s not a whole fleece so that doesn’t qualify as fleece right?

Here's Sierra and Dax listening to some music while we take a break.

Dax got a camera as a Christmas/birthday present. She spent a lot of her time taking pictures of animals while we were there. Also she just finished those fingerless gloves when we were on the airplane. The pattern is a free pattern called fingerless gloves musica. Here is the Ravelry link.

This was one of my big purchases Tilli Tomas rock star yarn. It was on sale but still very expensive, at least for me. I have a specific project in mind for it and it was discounted at the festival so I tried not to feel to guilty for buying it.

More purchases for specific projects the Kiparoo Farm Celtic Lace is for a pattern I got last year called the linen wrap blouse and the other linen, I can't remember where I got it, is for a market bag.

Oh, and I bought more alpaca. I was so drawn to the brown fleece this year. I saw so many pretty browns and when I saw this 1 lb cria (baby alpaca) fleece I bought it. Can't you see how upset I was for breaking my promise to myself not to buy more fleece :).

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