Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Wow the weeks are going by just as fast as ever. I hope everybody else is able to keep up better then I have been able to.

I had to put my silver belle to one side for now to work on these.Last year the 7th graders at Dax’s school made a blanket for charity. The idea was that all the 7th graders made a knitted block and then volunteers crochet the blocks to make them 8x8 squares and then pieced them together. I’m not really much of a crocheter but I can do it, so I volunteered to help out. The blocks were hilarious; most of them were not square at all. Anyway they asked if I would be interested in helping out again this year and of course I was excited to be asked. Aren’t these (uhm, I guess you can call them blocks) interesting. I call this one the deranged tomato.
This one I call the dripping mask. One of them has a little flap thingie. I'm not sure what to do with that.

I’d never call myself an expert knitter but I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a beginner either, but I can tell you these little blocks are very challenging to me :). It is so tempting to redo them but they really need to be the kids blocks so I'll try and work with what they gave me. Hopefully I’ll have them done in a month or so.

On to other news I went ahead and purchased plane tickets to go to the Maryland sheep and wool festival. I was thinking that with the issues with the economy and prices of gas going up etc.. I would not be able to make it this year but I saw Southwest had a great deal on tickets last week. So, I couldn’t resist. My flight plans are made and wahoo, I will be going again this year! (Happy Dance)

For those who are wondering, Rudy participated in the Disney marathon last weekend. He finished 119th overall with a time of 3:06:19, actually it was a 3:04:19 but they put their foot across the chip mat two minutes before the start of the race so it registered them as running already. I'm sure there will be some complaints about that. They did a little blurb about him in the florida today paper. I had to laugh when I read it mentioning him mixing up his nutrition and training. As I was reading the article I looked across the room at him to see that he was eating chips and dipping them into some kind of cheese sauce. Yep, that’s Rudy give him something to dip with a beer or a bowl of ice cream and he’s a happy guy, not exactly what I'd call marathon nutrition ;).

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