Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This is my Fay report.

Fay came for a visit on Tuesday and she has brought a lot of rain with her. I don’t ever recall seeing so much rain. It has been constantly raining, sometimes harder than others but never stopping. The news is saying that Cocoa Beach has received over 22 inches of rain and to expect another 4-6 inches. Fortunately we live in a low flood zone so we are not having any issues with flooding. Other than that there is not much to say about Fay. There are some small gusts of wind but nothing major, no power outages for us, just sobbing wet rain.
I heard a guy on the radio this morning say that even the best of houses will leak under these conditions. So we did a house inspection to look everything over and I can report that the house is water tight. There are no leaking problems, yeah. I guess all that tyvek, the sticky bonding stuff around the windows and that unbelievable heavy waterproof paint we used on the blocks when building the house has paid off. Whew.

I hope everybody else is staying nice and dry.

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