Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stash Enhancement

This is most of the fiber that Dax and I brought home from the MS&W Festival.

Merino Top from Ohio Valley Natural Fibers.
I got 3 lbs of this. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I made this purchase. Actually I know what I was thinking, I wanted to make sure I had enough roving to make a sweater. Have any of you heard of a 3 lb sweater before? I'm not sure why I didn't think about what a sweater actually might weigh before I bought all this. Turns out I was told later that it takes about 1 lb of roving to make a sweater. I have enough here for 3 sweaters. Yikes.

Merino from Spinners Hill.
I absolutely loved this booth. They had so many nice colors of roving. I had such a hard time deciding on which roving to chose. I bought 1 lb of the blue roving first. I managed to make it back to the booth later on Sunday and most of the rovings were gone, which was just as well, I didn't need to spend more money on rovings. And then I saw the autumn colored roving and bought it to.

Gale's Art Merino 8oz

Pencil Roving: Sorry, Don't Remember This Vendor's Name

Angora/Alpaca/Wool blend 2oz from Wild Meadow Angora

Socks That Rock, and Sheep to Shoe Kit from The Fold.
We avoided The Fold on Saturday because they had such a huge line but on Sunday we visited them. They had been picked over but Dax found a skein of STR that she really liked and I went ahead and got the Sheep to Shoe kit.

Cormo Fleece 5.5 lbs
This stuff is so nice and clean. Oh my, it has to be the cleanest fleece I have ever gotten, very very nice. I keep taking this fleece out just so I can admire it. Rohan really likes it to.

This is the only yarn I got. The yarn to the left is sock yarn from Misty Mountain Farm. They also had some lovely baby alpaca roving that I almost got but decided that I have more than enough to keep me busy for ahmmm, a while. The yarn on the right is from Brooks Farm. It was on sale. Not to mention it is oh so soft and just lovely yarn.

Tess Silk Yarn and Tess Ribbon Yarn from Tess
These are Dax's purchases from the Festival. She had saved money that she got from Christmas and her birthday to spend at the festival and this is what she got. The ribbon yarn is for a cabled tank top and the silk is for a shawl.

Mini Relic Purse from the Renaissance Booth.
My reciept says the vendor for this is White Wolf and Phoenix. The green one is Dax's the blue one is mine.

Pencil Roving: Don't Remember the name of this one either.
Dax wanted this and it was very reasonable priced. She has been spinning it on my drop spindle. She has been enjoying playing with it, there is no drafting involved.

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