Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Eggs

We dyed some Easter Eggs yesterday. Tyde went surfing so it was up to Dax and me to get the job done.

We only dyed 12 eggs and noticed we had little cups just sitting there with dye in them. So, I grabbed some wool that was sitting by the drum carder. We couldn’t resist putting it in the little cups with Easter egg dye in them.

I didn’t pre-soak the wool so I left them sitting in the dye overnight. I will steam them today. I hope that will be enough to make the dye stick. Dax is hoping to add this colorful wool to her collection she keeps for needle felting.

Here’s what we had with a sample of one of Dax’s needle felting creations. I call her the White Lady because Dax used white for her skin. Dax often refers to her as Lady Big Nose II.

Rohan is hoping the White Lady will be in his Easter basket. Unfortunately he was disappointed.

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