Friday, January 18, 2008

We're Back

I bet you didn’t know we left. Actually we have been back since Monday but I’ve been so busy trying to catch up that I haven’t had time to post. I took Tyde and Dax with me to meet up with my sister’s family for the Disney marathon weekend. The plan was for my sister and I to do the marathon, but we didn’t.

My sister has been my running buddy for every marathon I have done. I’ve lost track but I think we have done 6 full and 2 halves together, one of those half’s she did the full and I did the half. About two months ago my sister found out that she has some major knee problems. The Dr’s are telling her she is going to need a knee replacement but because she is considered too young for this she needs to make what she has last longer, which means no more long runs. Due to my lack of training and my lack of motivation to do a marathon without her I decided to pass my numbers to Rudy. Of course he had to run without the chip time. To run as a 40 something female would have put him on the podium. For those family members who try and keep up with his times he finished in 3hr10min.

Even though we didn’t do the marathon we went anyway. Sam and the kids did the 5k at Animal Kingdom. Then we spent the rest of the weekend visiting the theme parks. I made zebra hats for the 5k and my sister made some awesome tie dye shirts. The center has the shape of a Mickey Mouse head on them. She found directions on the internet for the tie dye shirts. Here’s a link for directions. I would like to try doing this in the future but maybe use some kind of other shape for the main focus, maybe a dragon, unicorn or fairy or something.

I hope everybody has a great weekend!

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