Friday, December 14, 2007

Random catch up

It’s getting a little busy right now so I’m just going to do a random catch up on what’s been going on around here.

We have received the box from the Hawaiian side of the family. Thank you very much! Amazingly the first three boxes of candy are already gone. Well maybe not so amazing when you think about there is a 12 yo, a 14 yo, their friends, Rudy and ah, me all feeding off it. I hid what was left so we could have some for another day.

My sister’s family came into town last weekend and what did we do. We went to Ikea. Boy was it crowded. I can honestly say I do not like Orlando traffic.
We did get some much needed shelves for Dax and a much needed loft bed for Tyde. Rudy had to cut the bed posts down a little bit because it was to high for our ceilings.

I currently have a major sore throat. I’m hoping it’s from the red tide and will disappear when the red tide leaves (whenever that will be). But I have a feeling I’m coming down with something. I shouldn’t complain, I work around 400 children and have not caught anything, until now.

I’m working on a project (gift) that I’m not loving. I love the yarn and I love the pattern but I don’t think they go well together. Regardless I’ve decided to finish it.

I’m so terribly behind on reading blogs, what’s new.

I have to work over the holiday break. It’s bittersweet. On the one side I’d rather be home with everybody else but on the other side I will be able to get so much done. The school is starting a new system using lexile numbers and reading counts tests. All 10,000 plus books have to be re-labeled. It is so hard for me to re-label the books and try to keep up with the kids so this will be my chance to get it done while school is out.

On a bad note, somebody stole Dax’s bike over Thanksgiving break. I was hoping to use Christmas to replace it but I couldn’t stand the drive to school to pick them up. Sitting in traffic is not where I want to spend my time, not to mention how much gas my truck sucks up. So we have already got her another one. I guess that would be a good note for Dax. She got a new bike. Although she says she doesn’t like it as much as the other one.

Dax and I participated in the 5k reindeer run. She finished about 3 minutes ahead of me. We also went to see the movie Enchanted, it was cute.

I just read about Terry Pratchett the author having Alzheimer’s. I haven’t read many of his books but the ones I’ve read I’ve really loved.

Dax’s class at school is doing a knitting project. I think it’s the coolest thing. Every 7th grader is supposed to knit a 7”x9” square and then they are piecing it together to make blankets for the homeless.

We went to the winter concert to listen to Dax play in the school orchestra.
This is probably the best picture I got of her. I had to play with it a good bit so she didn't look like just a shadow.

I hope everybody has a great weekend.

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