Sunday, February 11, 2007

No crafting

Not any crafting in this post. I haven’t had as much time this week to craft. We did have some visitors last weekend, a birthday and a long awaited delivery.

The visitors were Sam and Sierra. Sam was here on business and Sierra came to do an audition in Orlando. They were only here for a few days but it was great to see them. On one of the days we walked to the beach to feed the birds. The birds seem to be starving in the winter. They will practically land on you to take bread out of your hand. If you do this in the summer, they will not even notice you.

The birthday was Tyde’s. He is now fourteen. Can you guess what we got him for his birthday?

No not the boat, the basketball goal.

Finally we got the call that more of the kitchen cabinets are done. We are still waiting on the breakfast bar and the wall cabinets. I hope it doesn’t take another nine months for those.

Rohan wouldn’t get out of the picture. The kids said he likes to sit in front of the cabinets because he is camouflaged.


Cyndi said...

We are all doing a happy dance for the arrival of your new cabinets. Happy Birthday Tyde!

Dawn said...

Seagulls can be overwhelming at times. It is still fun to feed them, regardless. Happy Birthday to Tyde. Good luck with those cabinets!

Jennifer said...

That has to be frustrating waiting so long for your cabinets. You are in the middle of some major changes aren't you? I love the colour of your cabinets...looks very much like what I chose for my own! Your dog does match perfectly.
By the way, your kitchen is enormous!

Happy Birthday Tyde!

Bob said...

Kris, judging from the size of the kitchen, you can move Type's BB hoop in during bad weather and it won't be in the way.

You may have the only mutt that is color-coordinated with you cabinets.

Abigale said...

That is an amazing pic of the seagulls - one I'd want to get framed. Beautiful!

Denise said...

Wow, the seagull photo is amazing - though slightly reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. :-)

Your kitchen is so big and pretty! I will try not to feel envious as I go contemplate my tiny, vintage '60s kitchen (complete with pink floor tile) that is actually a corridor to the family room (yes, the technical term is 'galley kitchen', but let's call a hallway a hallway).