Friday, January 12, 2007

constant vigilance

Trying to get back on schedule but it just isn’t working out, yet. One child came down with the flu this week. This makes me cringe. Almost everything that the kids come home with, I catch. But just maybe I can side step this one. I’ve been running around with a can of Lysol in one hand and spraying everything.

That’s not all that has come home. The other child brought some little unwanted guests with her, head lice. I think we have the little buggers under control but I have to go through this child’s hair every night to make sure. This has drastically dipped into my crafting time. This child’s hair is long, I actually measured it and it is 27” long. My motto right now is constant vigilance. If it’s not spraying Lysol on everything then its laundering bed sheets, pillow cases and boiling combs and brushes to kill the lice.

This is our second battle with head lice; we had a battle with them a couple of years ago. I wonder, is this a warmer climate issue? I don’t ever recall having to deal with this when I was younger and I don’t recall knowing anybody else having to these unwanted guests. Oh well, constant vigilance!

Do you know what this is?

It’s a knot and one of the smaller ones I had to deal with today. I did get some time to myself and decided to try and ply more of the green stuff. I’m almost done with the lace leaf socks but ran out of yarn and had to spin some more. As I was trying to ply it I kept knotting the stuff up. Arrrrr! I did get it done but what a pain. It was boggling my mind as to what I was doing to get it in knots. Maybe I was just to much in a hurry because I didn’t have much time to get it done.

Hey Marcy, you asked for more details on the vest. The pattern is from Folk Vests by Cheryl Oberle. The pattern is called Clock Vest. The yarn used is galway yarn, which is worsted weight, 100% wool.

And now I leave you with a picture that you may or may not have seen. I thought it was rather cute and seems to fit my day today. I have to be like Leonard and show some optimism ;).


Anonymous said...

Working with teenagers, I have similar problems. I'm always cringing when someone comes in sick b/c I know that I will be next to get it. (It may all just be karma, since I was the one that started the head lice epidemic in my 1st grade class.)

Jessica said...

Knock wood, we have not had head lice. Yet. Although boys with short hair are a little less likely to pick them up. It's a constant problem at school. I remember my sister and I both having it when we were kids.